Hinchinbrook cane grower Des Mizzi first started using the Liquid Ezy3 products about six years ago.

“I was working in some pretty remote locations by myself and couldn’t believe how much time I was saving using the liquid applicator,” Mr Mizzi said.

“So many farmers are a one man show, so time saving techniques are great where you can find them.

“One year I noticed the neighbor had a really impressive crop happening, and he told me he was trialing Liquid Ezy3.

“I had some leftover from the other farms, so thought I may as well trial it on the home block and see if I couldn’t get some similar results.”

Des Mizzi said he noticed a significant change.

“The cane grew fast, and it was quality cane, and it’s continued to perform incredibly well,” he said.

The results meant Mr Mizzi committed to a full switch from granular to liquid at his property that lies between the foothills of Mt Cordelia and the mighty Herbert River.

“I had a good quality stainless steel granular applicator, so I set about converting that after I heard of a few other people doing similar things in the district.

“There was a lot of trial and error and a lot of taking things on and off a few times to get it to work the way I wanted it to.

“Once I had it running the way I liked I also invested in a flow-meter to monitor how much was actually going in to the paddock.

“This gives me peace of mind that no product – or money – is wasted, and I can honestly say I haven’t looked back!”

Mr Mizzi said the tailor made fertiliser supplied by LiquaForce is also compatible with products like Confidor.

“This has been another big time saver because with the coulters I’ve built in to the fertiliser box, I’ve been able to mix in Confidor when there have been grub outbreaks.

“This means I’m applying it directly to the liquid fertiliser and can pump it straight in to the ground.”

In previous seasons, Mr Mizzi has had the product delivered to him as needed, but this year he’s gone one step further.

“I’ve had 27,000 litres of storage and a pumping system put in place on farm which means I get the fertiliser delivered in to the tanks, and then I can just put it out when it suits me.

The new set-up is already paying dividends come Friday afternoon.

“With the ease of set-up and application, I’m finding that of an afternoon when I get home around four o’clock I can jump on the tractor and by the time the sun has gone down I’ve done a few acres of fertilising – which means more time to do other things come the weekend!

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