Burdekin's First 2020 Cut Report

2020 Burdekin Update

As the crushing settles down to a steady run we have been patiently waiting for the blocks which were fertilised with LiquaForce Big Shot blends in 2019 to be harvested. Early results from the first of 556 ha fertilised in 2019 across the Burdekin are supporting long term yield data putting Big Shot ahead of the competition.

Farm one at Mona Park harvested plant cane at 154.6 t/ha, just above mill estimate of 150 tonne per hectare, but cut 6 weeks earlier than planned due to the wet conditions, CCS was equal to the mill average but due to a mill closure the cane was crushed nearly 2 days after being burnt.

The adjoining 3rd ratoon blocks cut at mill estimate but averaged a unit above the mill CCS, however these blocks were only cut 7 months prior so missed a lot of potential tonnage.

The only other block to be harvested is at Clare and this block of 240 1st ratoon has cut 17 tonne per hectare above mill estimate and 1.44 CCS higher than mill average.

"17 tonne per hectare and 1.44 CSS higher than mill average"

LiquaForce Big Shot liquid fertilisers present much higher value outcomes compared to straight granular fertilisers. The Big Shot products have repeatedly outperformed industry standard Enhanced Efficiency Fertilisers such as Entec and AgroMaster over multiple trials and multiple seasons.
These impressive outcomes also come at a higher cost but even at the lowest yield results above the net return has not only compensated for the higher cost but made significant returns on that investment.

Contact Luke Hargreaves today to discuss how you can lift profit and support soil health at the same time by using the LiquaForce range of high performance and soil friendly compound liquid fertilisers.

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Mackay Demo Day

Queensland’s premier liquid fertiliser company LiquaForce will hold a demonstration afternoon south of Mackay to showcase their 5-row subsurface liquid applicator and range of liquid fertiliser products to local cane growers. The LiquaForce demo afternoon will be hosted by local growers the Zammit family at their farm at Bakers Creek, on Thursday the 6th of August from 3pm to 5pm with refreshments provided.


It gives me great pleasure to reflect on 2019 and I’d like to thank you for playing a part in it. Despite challenges delivered to the sugar growing sector this year, it