Every grower in the sugar industry today knows their greatest challenge is striking the balance between profitable cane production and the need to achieve this in an environmentally responsible manner.

As the Federal and State governments step up efforts to protect the Great Barrier Reef from ‘excess’ nitrogen and phosphorus that may be derived from agricultural activities along the Queensland coast, the focus has shifted towards Best Management Practice (BMP).

BMP, together with Nitrogen Use Efficiency (NUE), Trace Elements and Product Consistency form part of the industry’s Six Easy Steps nutrient management program. Now Liquaforce has taken it to another level with the launch of the Ezy3. The simple three-step program with a ‘BMP Plus’ strategy takes the guess work out of growers’ nutrient management needs, with less work and more money in the pocket for the farmer.

Farmers in North and Far North Queensland – from Mackay to Ingham, Mossman, Mareeba, Innisfail and Tully – must ask themselves whether sticking with the old way of problematic granule fertilisers is really the best way.

Reduced nitrogen leaching, increased yield, better soil quality, waste reduction, as well as energy use and lower application costs, Ezy3 really is an innovative, safe and effective solution.

Other benefits include:

Plant and fertilise more area per day. Forget the bulky one tonne bags and bag lifters, liquid will offer a new and easier way of doing things, while easy placement onto cane sets at planting ensures greater efficiencies – and better yet, there is no rubbish at the end.

Accurate and better placement with a five row subsurface applicator *available in the Tully and Herbert area only

Use of organic carbon to stablilise nitrate fixing bacteria in an ammonium form to inhibit nitrification.
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