Farmer Highlight: The Maifredis

Farmer Highlight: The Maifredis

Steven & Russell Maifredi (A. Maifredi Family Trust)

We have been using LiquaForce products for eight years and now cover all our farm nutrient planning and fertiliser usage based on the Plant Starter and BigShot products. Two year ago we also started using the Valu range for split applications of nitrogen.

We topped our harvest district for CCS in 2018 and were in the Top 5 for 2019.  We were also in the Top 5 for tonnes of sugar per hectare in 2018 and 2019 and Top 4 for net dollars returned per hectare for both seasons. Needless to say, we are very happy with our fertiliser practices which complement our efforts towards sustainable coastal farming.

PlantStarter gets the plant out of the ground faster under some of the toughest conditions and also gives a robust, healthy  root structure and vigorous growth for the first 12 weeks, enabling the plant to quickly and efficiently absorb nutrients at side-dress.

The BigShot blends allow us to fertilise up to 60ha per day, ensuring our crop is fertilised quickly and accurately allowing for maximum growth.

Some of the side benefits that we find are our shed is not cluttered with one tonne bags, there is no double handling, no need for bag lifters and extra machinery and wet weather is not a problem.

We also do a considerable area planting and fertilising as contractors around the Tully district.

Again, using the LiquaForce products allows us to cover more ground per day than using standard granular products, up to 2ha/day planting and up to 40ha/day fertilising. This ensures that we get to our clients in a timely manner, especially in wet conditions.

The LiquaForce products are a little more expensive per hectare but when the application time and handling costs are calculated, they become considerably less costly than the granular alternative.

Add in the extra production, and we believe we are getting a very good return on our investment.

We have no hesitation in recommending LiquaForce to other growers as a cost effective alternative and do so regularly.

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