Looking for more than just NPKS in a bag?

Wanting to finalise an economical Nitrogen/Sulphur or Nitrogen/Potassium/Sulphur fertiliser option? Keen to see it matched with soil support and plant stimulant properties?

Look no further than LiquaForce signature product, BigShot liquid fertiliser.

We can deliver 175 kg N with 8.5 kg S/Ha for a comparative cost to Urea S in the Burdekin region. And remember, every load of BigShot includes 9% carbon, almost 1% calcium and our leading seaweed bio-activator PlantJuice.

We can also deliver the N/K/S Blend which delivers 175 kg N, 53 kg K and 8.5 kg S at 1000Lt/ha plus all the above benefits.

You will not get that value out of a bag, ever.

Our Sulphur is an enhanced efficiency formula that’s equivalent to 12 kg sulphate sulphur per ha, and our nitrogen component is scientifically proven to be 17% to 24% more efficient than blended urea options.

The BigShot option is ideal for old ratoons where you want to cut back nitrogen but not miss out on the full organic and bio-stimulant benefits.

Contact LiquaForce Sales Agronomist Luke today for more information – 0459954002.

Costs should be compared to other high carbon granular products or enhanced efficiency formulations.

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