Cane growers using liquid planting fertilisers have a new option for higher nitrogen and added organics for longer lasting and more effective plant cane nutrition.

LiquaForce PlantStarter21 combines enhanced efficiency fertilisers with organic carbon to boost nitrogen use efficiency via organic slow release of N.

Getting the plant cane away faster and stronger increases the ability to capture the full potential of the crop and increase potential tonnes.

The natural and synthetic plant growth factors within PlantStarter 21 also radically increase root mass allowing the plant to maximise its ability to source and take up nutrients.

With 21% nitrogen and documented reductions to leaching losses of nitrogen at 24% less than granular options, LiquaForce PlantStarter21 supports optimum leaf nutrient levels at 12 weeks post planting, or at 16 weeks at higher application rates.

The phosphorus levels used in the mix has technical grade long-chain P elements for extended longevity and plant availability in the soil and has a 30% higher efficiency rate than traditional P sources.

With added zinc and the New AL-Grow bio active seaweed grown and produced in the Burdekin, it’s worth considering LiquaForce PlantStarter to help you protect your planting investment.

Call the LiquaForce team today to discuss your options further on 07 4776 5711

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