Preliminary results from Enhanced Efficiency Fertiliser trials in Far North Queensland show LiquaForce products are outperforming its granular fertiliser competitors.

The first-year trial harvest has recently been completed as part of industry backed research conducted at Tully.

It found that the LiquaForce blended product used with a DMPP additive outperformed all other replicate trials including those using products such as Entec. The LiquaForce blend had DMPP added to it for better comparative analysis and proved to be a superior product.

The trial also used urea at the Six Easy Steps recommendation for nitrogen at 120 kilograms per hectare, against LiquaForce’s BigShot product, applied at 96 kilograms of nitrogen per hectare. BigShot was found to produce six tonnes per hectare more cane with 20% less nitrogen applied compared to the urea replicates.

The results confirm earlier independent research conducted by the University of Southern Queensland that found BigShot improves the retention of nitrogen in the soil, equalling a reduction in leaching of up to 17% when compared to granular alternatives. Trials will continue for two more years and will test LiquaForce Big Shot blends without DMPP.

LiquaForce Sales Agronomist Luke Hargreaves said the company is confident of similar results being achieved.

“With depressed sugar prices likely to affect the industry over the next couple of years, we’d encourage growers to touch base and talk through cost versus cost benefit options using LiquaForce products,” Luke said.

“Using cheap urea blends to make savings on production costs may make sense at the moment but using LiquaForce products could equal a gain of 15 tonnes per hectare compared to cheaper blends.

“We are also well-equipped to support longer-term crop health and yield gains.”

Want to talk through your options? Give Luke a call today on 0459 954 002.

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