Sugar cane farmers are embracing liquid fertiliser for its convenience and the many positives it brings, allowing the application of what they want, when they want it.

It is easier to apply than granular fertilizer, which saves time. There is no need to worry about rain, fertiliser chutes clogging up or fertiliser falling out on the road when you leave the paddock. It’s safer than working with overhead fertiliser bags and there’s no loss with subsurface placement.

The fertiliser is directed at the stick, which will take it up virtually as soon as it sends out new roots so it is available to the stool quicker.

Subsurface placement is recommended as it ensures that volatilisation of nitrogen and runoff losses of fertiliser are minimised – crucial in helping reduce the environmental impact on the Great Barrier Reef and an unnecessary impact on the hip pocket.

According to Sugar Research Australia, volatilisation losses occur when the nitrogen in surface-applied urea or urea-based products, including liquid fertilisers, is converted to ammonia that is lost to the atmosphere.

This year, Liquaforce was pleased to announce that both of our Ingham contractors could offer subsurface application of fertiliser for farmers in the area.

Soil tests around the district showed a deficiency in trace elements such as copper, boron and zinc. This problem was coupled with the need to incorporate chemical for grub control in many areas. Fortunately, the Liquaforce system combines value with efficiency by enabling the sugar cane grower to achieve this in one easy pass, while applying normal fertiliser requirements.

Liquaforce contains 9% Organic Carbon, which is essential for soil health and nitrogen stabilisation, compared with 0% in granular blends.

Other benefits of using the Liquaforce system include being able to cover larger areas of the farm daily and accurate rates for wet or dry conditions, saving the grower time and money. A five-row subsurface application allows accurate grub control and trace element application in the same pass.

A seven-row surface application can be made as a side dress for plant cane. Tests have proven there is 26% less leaching with the Liquaforce system and less compaction.

For sugar growers looking to work smarter and not harder, the Liquaforce system of applying a wide range of fertilisers, trace elements and insecticides to your crop needs attention. It is time efficient, cost efficient, safe and much less prone to the problems that accompany granular fertilizer when the weather turns wet.

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