Mackay Demo Day - Aug 2020

Mackay Demo Day - Aug 2020

What a great afternoon we had at Zammit’s Farm for the Demo of LiquaForce’s New 5 row 6000lt subsurface Liquid Fertilizer Applicator. Over 41 growers and industry representatives turned up on the day to view LiquaForce’s new 5 row Liquid applicator for the Mackay and district area. 

Growers were impressed with how easy and quick it was from filling (average is 7mins! from pull up to take off) to applying the product with the ease of application and how neat the ground work that was left behind the applicator, not to forget the time saving from applying 5 rows at a time. More family time! 

This applicator can go from a row width of 1.53m to 1.9m giving it great versatility for farming operations. The 5 row applicator takes 8 mins to do a hectare including turn around. The applicator holds 6000l so you can do on average 5.5 hectares before refilling. 

Comparatively a 3 row granular applicator with a 2 tonne hopper covers about 3 hectares on average before needing a refill. Which does 16mins to the hectare on average.
*All numbers worked on a 1.7m row width with 300m length.

The industry reps were impressed with MAPS, Reef Catchments, SRA and Catchment Solutions all commenting that the applicator performed extremely well and saying it ticked all the boxes for Best Management Practice.

From the local farmers there was plenty of interest generated on the day with 3 growers taking the opportunity to place orders for their fertilizer programs and to begin working with Liquaforce. 

Many thanks to the Zammit Family and RMS Haulage and Contracting for their assistance in making the Demo Day a great success and helping local farmers check out some great innovations for their crops.

This applicator is available serviced by RMS Contracting if you are interested in doing some test paddocks. For more information please call Don McNichol  0429540066 regarding LiquaForce fertilizer and application for your cropping needs.

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