If the weather events of recent weeks have left you with soaked ground and water runoff it’s likely you’re dealing with poor root uptake due the wet conditions, as well as nitrogen loss via leaching and runoff.

Utilising LiquaForce’s new range of Valu and Stable products to your mid-season fertiliser regime will help boost cane growth in the wake of flooding and soil inundation.

By adding ValuN to your normal herbicide options, you can boost plant uptake of nitrogen quickly to help get your crop back on track. Valu and Stable fertiliser products will also help offer an insurance policy to allow you to quickly top up any shortfall of total applied nitrogen.

LiquaForce is ready to assess your crop needs via soil and plant tissue analysis and provide a tailor-made solution for your crop, while remaining inside all regulatory requirements for nitrogen use.

It must be noted that any nutrient application must wait until the flooding or anerobic conditions have ended and the crop has increased metabolism to achieve peak fertiliser use efficiency.

Valu N and Valu NK are herbicide compatible and can be applied via high rise tractor or aircraft in conjunction with weed control as a foliar applied nutrient with considerably greater efficiency than granular products.

Stable N and Stable NK are fortified with organic carbon and bio-stimulants and are applied to the base of the plant across the top of the stool in conjunction with herbicide use. Applied via high rise tractor this product quickly fixes any nutrient deficits in the crop.

Valu N 25%N
Valu NK 20.5% N with 5% K
Stable N 22% N with 5% organic carbon
Stable NK 21%N with 5%K and 5% organic carbon

For your total nutrient solutions contact LiquaForce today on 4776 5711.

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