Two of north Queensland’s most progressive agricultural service companies have combined forces to benefit sugar cane farmers – and the environment – throughout growing regions nationwide.

With a mutual commitment to crop nutrition and good environmental outcomes, liquid fertiliser company LiquaForce and biotech company Pacific Bio now offer two of their key products in combination with each other.

Every load of LiquaForce BigShot liquid fertiliser – scientifically and independently proven to reduce nitrogen leaching by up to 17 per cent – is now delivered to growers with the additional benefits of Pacific Bio’s new PlantJuice™ product.

Developed by Pacific Bio in conjunction with researchers from Townsville’s James Cook University, PlantJuice™ is a bio stimulant produced from green macroalgae (seaweed) sustainably grown and harvested in north Queensland.

Managing Director of LiquaForce Cameron Liddle said BigShot is specifically developed for ratoon application and includes an organic carbon base that works perfectly with PlantJuice.

“BigShot works to stablise the release of nitrogen in the soil and also increases the efficiency of nutrients that are available to the cane plant,” Mr Liddle said.

“This supports superfast cane plant emergence as well as improved root and shoot growth,” he said.

“To combine that with the seaweed base of PlantJuice™, we’re offering growers exemplary crop growth support as well as superior benefits to the health of the soil.”

Pacific Bio’s Commercial Manager Gregg Supple said the partnership is a win not only for growers, but the environment too.

“The green macroalgae we harvest comes from our very own aquaculture operations in the Burdekin, where it’s used to extract nutrients from water before they are released into the environment,” Mr Supple said.

“This means it’s a closed-loop system that’s better for the environment, especially compared to wild-harvest and beach-cast collected seaweed products,” he said.

“PlantJuice™ contains a wide range of nutrients, plant hormones and amino acids that are fundamental building blocks for plant growth and soil health.”

The compatibility between products extends to compatibility between the two companies as well.

Cameron Liddle said LiquaForce is proud to work with others who value the importance of supporting farmers while employing environmentally leading practices.

“It’s important to us that we work with companies who genuinely understand the environment in these locations and feel the same level of obligation to help introduce better, more sustainable farming systems.

“It’s critical that the people we partner with also value the relationships with their customers in the same way we do, and we’ve definitely found that with Pacific Bio.”

Pacific Bio’s Gregg Supple added, “Two progressive QLD companies providing real benefits to cane growers is an exciting development.”

IMAGE: On site at the Pacific Bio plant in the Burdekin (L-R) Luke Hargreaves – LiquaForce Agronomist, Gregg Supple – Pacific Bio Commercial Manager, Cameron Liddle – LiquaForce MD, Dave Garnier – LiquaForce Board Director.

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