Just a few weeks ago we posted that the Burdekin was up to 80,000lt of Big Shot liquid fertiliser applied.

By the end of this week we will be at 370,000lt applied from Jarvisfield to Giru and out back to Clare and across the Haughton.

LiquaForce Sales Agronomist Luke Hargreaves said growers continue to return to LiquaForce products based on results.

“They can see their ratoons come away faster, healthier and vigorously,” Luke said.

“A lot of growers have also commented on how impressed they are with the speed of application, with many making savings of up to $20/ha (contractor rates) on their normal application costs,” he said.

The new LiquaForce five-row applicator is set to arrive in the Burdekin within the week, so get in touch today to get on target with Big Shot.

Call Luke on 0459 954 002 or email

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