Electro Magnetic map surveys have been undertaken this week for trial users of LiquaForce’s pilot program L.A.N.D. (Liquaforce Agricultural Nutrient Datahub).

Bryan Granshaw from Vantage SIS carried out the mapping at a cane property at Giru in the Burdekin.

The map will underpin prescriptive application recommendations for OZ Gyp gypsum followed by LiquaForce PlantStarter and BigShot top dress in plant cane on one of the trial blocks.

What is an Electro Magnetic map survey? It’s is a soil survey where variation in soils can be detected across a paddock to a depth of down to a metre. Users can then go back with the spatial reference points (GPS) and ground truth the variations via soil type and chemistry (soil tests). From this, prescriptive maps are developed which can be uploaded to variable rate applicators which then allows application of the exact amount of nutrients or amendments to specific zones across the paddock.

Big thanks to Bryan Granshaw from Vantage SIS, Don Pollock from TropCrop and especially growers Gary and Ashley Stockham for their part in these important trials.

Want to know more? Call LiquaForce agronomist Luke Hargreaves on 0459 954 002.

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