The 4 R's of Fertiliser - Choosing the Right Time.

The 4 R's of Fertiliser

Choosing the Right Time.

This is the 3rd section of our discussion around meeting the goals and aspirations of the international fertiliser industries 4R’s stewardship program.

Again to quickly recap on the 4R’s

  • The Right product
  • The Right rate
  • The Right timing
  • The Right placement

Today we will discuss the Right Timing.

With every cropping system there are critical growth stages where the correct timing of fertiliser applications will deliver significant yield advantages.

The sugarcane industry has been moving away from optimised timing to target specific growth stages, to a one shot approach which while achieving some operational efficiencies does little to optimise crop growth.

In fact, multiple research and field studies have demonstrated that under one shot practices, most of the applied nitrogen is taken up or lost at 120 days of growth leaving significant nutrient shortfalls for the rest of the growing season.

"In fact up to half of the applied nitrogen never even makes it into the crop"

In fact up to half of the applied nitrogen never even makes it into the crop but is lost through leaching, run off and volatilisation because it does not stay in the soil long enough to be used by the crop.

This is simply wasted money, lost crop potential and can contribute to significant environmental harm.

At LiquaForce we have developed a range of liquid fertiliser products which significantly increase your options for fertiliser interventions which can target critical growth stages and drastically increase overall nutrient use efficiency outcomes for the crop.

The Liquid EZY3 program from LiquaForce demonstrates a three stage process for nutrient applications. 

Options now include highly developed products for Planting, Top or Side Dressing and Mid Season growth.

All options are designed to fit in with standard field operations without requiring extra field passes or operational costs.

Growers now have access to industry best practice options for maximising crop nutrient use efficiency and for reducing nutrient losses to the environment which are as EASY as 1,2,3.

Contact us today for your free guide and expert agronomic advice.

NQ-built farm productivity platform for Mackay Whitsunday growers

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The 4 R's of Fertiliser - Choosing the Right Placement

The Final R - the Right Placement! Choosing where to apply your fertiliser is especially important. 

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