LiquaForce would like to congratulate their valued clients recently recognised at the Tully Cane Productivity Awards Night.

LiquaForce agronomist Luke Hargreaves said all eight mill areas featured LiquaForce growers in the top 10 cane producers for CCs, with three of the regions dominated by LiquaForce clients.

“LiquaForce growers also placed in the top ten for each mill region for Highest Average Relative Sugar Production per Harvested Hectare. This also included a first place Kennedy mill region,” Luke said.

“Growers using our liquid products were also represented in the top ten growers across all mill areas in the Best Nett $ Return per Hectare category,” he said.

“These are impressive results for the growers we service and we’re proud to be in a position to support their needs to get great outcomes in a changing environment.”

LiquaForce Managing Director Cameron Liddle said the company currently proudly supplies fertiliser products to 15 per cent of the total plant area in the Tully growing region.

“Our liquid fertiliser supply base in the region continues to grow year on year as strong results for CCs and productivity gains come through each season for our growers,” Cameron said.

“The results in the paddock are supported by an investment of more than $1.4million in research and development by LiquaForce over the last four years alone,” he said.

“We’re really proud of our innovative products that support best management practice in nitrogen use efficiency that are scientifically proven to reduce nitrogen losses to leaching by up to 17 per cent.

“And best of all, we’ve been able to develop products that slash operation costs for fertiliser application by up to 50 per cent.”

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